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Outdoor Preschool Programs

Our Outdoor Preschool utilizes our mobile classroom to provide a rich learning enviroment in local natural areas. 


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Our outdoor preschool programs feature...

  • 1-6 teacher/student ratio 

  • Emergent curriculum 

  • Flexible semester registrations 

  • Mobile Nature Classroom 

  • Emphasis on learning through nature and art 

  • Experienced nature-based early childhood educators

  • Child-Led Journals   


Outdoor Preschool
Class Times 

Tuesday/ Thursday AM 9:30-12:30

NW and SW locations 

Semester Length 


+50$ administration fee for your first semester

7 Weeks

Why Outdoor Preschool?

Creative Seeds outdoor preschool provides a high-quality preschool program for children. We strive to provide rich child-led learning experiences through nature and art. We take the children's interests, passions and curiosities and develop meaningful play opportunities to learn and discover together. Our programming has a strong emphasis on nature, art and play. All our programming is hosted in local community parks and natural spaces, allowing children to have hands-on, real-life nature experiences. Lastly, our outdoor programming is hosted by qualified and experienced staff. Our early childhood educator is a certified early childhood development worker, carries hiking/guiding certifications with the Outdoor Council of Canada, and has over 7 years of experience teaching children.

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