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Outdoor Preschool in Calgary

Children aged 3-5 will enjoy our 2-day/week outdoor preschool programs that embrace play-based learning in a natural environment. Enroll in a semester today to unlock nature-based learning for your preschooler.

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Creative Seeds Outdoor Preschool in Calgary provides a high-quality preschool program for children. We strive to provide rich, child-led learning experiences through nature and art. We take the children's interests, passions, and curiosities to develop meaningful play opportunities. This allows everyone to learn and discover together. All our programming is hosted in local community parks and natural spaces, allowing children to have hands-on, real-life nature experiences. Lastly, our outdoor programming is hosted by qualified and experienced staff. The program is facilitated by an educator who holds an early childhood development worker certification (Level 2), carries hiking/guiding certifications with the Outdoor Council of Canada, Standard First Aid (Class C), and has over 8 years of experience teaching children.

Our outdoor preschool programs feature...

  • 1:6 teacher/student ratio 

  • Emergent curriculum 

  • Flexible semester registrations 

  • Mobile Nature Classroom 

  • Emphasis on learning through nature and art 

  • Experienced nature-based early childhood educators

  • Child-Led Journal

Further details:

  • Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm

  • Semesters run for 6 to 8 weeks; flexible semester registration available

  • Ideal for children Aged 3-5

  • Spring semesters typically take place at Nosehill Park; Fall sessions to be held in a SW location (TBC)

  • $100 deposit for programs: Remainder of payment due 2 weeks before the program starts.

  • Get 10% off when registering for an entire school year, with monthly payment plans available. Contact us for more information.  

Join Creative Seeds for 60 minutes of play, exploration and community building. 

Upcoming Semesters

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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What should my child bring to preschool?

Campers should come prepared with appropriate layers for the season, a snack, water bottle, and a backpack they are able to carry. We also encourage sunscreen and bug spray in the summer, and hand warmers and a hot snack in the winter. 

What will my child learn during this preschool program?

Preschoolers learn best through play, and we embrace play-based learning by developing an emergent curriculum for all our programs. Our educators use observation of your child's interests and abilities to devise activities each week that support fine motor, gross motor, social-emotional, and cognitive learning. We also support your child's confidence through risky play and outdoor activities. Lastly, learning in a natural environment innately supports a deep connection and understanding of the natural world. 

What is the bathroom and hand washing situation?

Our mobile nature classroom aids our educators in meeting children's needs for the duration of our program. With a small portable toilet for emergencies and a fully operational sink for handwashing, we are able to meet most children's needs in most weather. We also choose park locations that have onsite porta potties for regular washroom needs. We recommend children be independent in the washroom and do not have facilities to change diapers. If you have concerns about toilet training, please send us an email to determine if this program is best for your child. We also provide hand sanitizer for situations where we are not near the classroom for proper hand washing. Educators carry a full first aid kit with them at all times in the event of any other emergencies. 

Does this program qualify for the Alberta Affordability Grant and Subsidy?

Due to the unique nature of our program, at this time we do not qualify for the Alberta Child Care Affordability Grant and Subsidy Program. 

What about inclement weather?

Creatives Seeds in an all weather program. We operate rain or shine and believe that getting kids outside to experience different weather is important. We are able to shelter in our mobile nature classroom in inclement/extreme weather. In the case of persisting extreme or dangerous weather, programs will be refunded on a case-by-case basis. Considerations are taken to participants' safety and comfort. Extreme weather includes air quality warnings, extreme wind warnings, thunderstorms, and temperatures below -25°C or above 31°C. 


What is the cancellation policy?
Creative Seeds cannot provide refunds for programs canceled or not attended due to participant illness, vacation or other unforeseen circumstances. Credits to new programs may be provided on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us with any concerns.   

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