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7 Non- Sport Related Ways to Get Outside and Play

Just getting 20 minutes a day outside promotes stress-relieving benefits, and promote health. There are many ways to get outside, and this blog post will share a few non-competitive ways to get outside that require little to no equipment and are not sport related. Getting time outside is for everyone! no matter your interests, hobbies, abilities and fitness level.

Star Gazing

Take a walk in the dark to explore seeing the stars! Star watching apps and telescopes can add to this adventure but are not required.

Forest Bathing

Spending some time in the forest and notice all your senses. What are the sights, smells, and sounds.

Nature Photography

Capture the beauty of nature with a camera! Use your cellphone, a disposable camera, or another camera. Get close-ups, or take a look at the bigger scenery.


Plant a garden and watch it grow and thrive! Do it alone, or in a community garden.

Nature Journaling

Record and document observations in a nature journal. Paint, sketch or draw!

Have a Picnic

Enjoy your next meal outside! No matter the time of year a sunny day can provide the perfect opportunity for a picnic.

Nature is for everyone, next time you want to head outside try one of these activities to get your daily 20 minutes of outdoor time!

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