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Secret Formula for Fool Proof Process Art Outoors!

The great outdoors is the perfect canvas for creativity and exploration. Kids need only a few key items to get outside, get creative, and make process-based art with natural elements. Want to know what our favourite supplies are for taking your outdoor process art to the next level? Here’s a helpful list that’ll set your kiddos up for fun, independent creative play. Parents and teachers will discover what art materials are the most versatile and easiest to clean up. By the end of this article, you’ll feel inspired to take your little artist and their art supplies are out into the world (or at least the backyard)!

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When we are providing process based art opportunities to the children in our care I believe in following a simple formula. Mediums, Tools, and Canvases. I have broken down my favourite materials by this formula below, from there you can pick and choose from each category to design an amazing process art provocation!


- Liquid Watercolour

- Tempra Paint

- Acrylic Paint

- Markers

- Crayons

- Mud

- Snow

- Flowers

- Finger Paints ( taste safe or pre bought)

- Ink

- Water

- Clay

- Play dough

- Chalk

- Paint Sticks

- Water Colour Crayons

- Pencil Crayons

- Permanent Marker

- Black Glue ( Mix white glue, and a a quirt of black acrylic paint directly in the bottle)

- Bubbles

- Tape

- Glue

- Dot Markers


- Potato mashers

- Flowers

- Fly Swatters

- Sticks/ Branchs

- Foam Brushes

- Paint Rollers

- Cars/ Plastic Toys

- Hands/ Fingers

- Lego/ Blocks

- String

- Spoons

- Straws

- Paint Scrapers

- Squeegees

- Tape

- Stamps

- Salad Spinners

- Record Tables


- Fabric

- Bubble Wrap

- Cardboard

- Water Colour Paper

- Scrap Paper

- Rocks

- Leaves

- Skin

- Wood

- Side Walks

- Fences

- Easels

- Clear Plastic

- Large Paper Rolls

- Stick

- Tissue Paper

- Paper Towel

- Coffee Filters

- Cotton Pads

- Tin foil

- Recycled materials

If you are Located in the Alberta, Canada area check out our Alberta Guide to Affordable Play Materials to find the most affordable options for these materials!

Creating process-based art outdoors with children is an incredible way to engage and inspire creative minds. When equipped with the right materials, the possibilities are limitless. By investing in quality materials such as those that are washable and non-toxic, your process-based art sessions will be hassle-free and fun. Through such activities, children will have the chance to bond with each other and explore their unique artistic potential. As Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” An investment in supplies for process-based art outdoors with children is an investment in creativity, imagination, and self-expression. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get creating!

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