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Outdoor Dance and Movement Guide

I have always loved to dance, moving was a way to release all the big feelings I experienced. I danced everywhere I went as a child, the grocery store, the kitchen, the backyard. Even the woods when would go camping as a family.

Dance and movement are often seen as indoor activities, they take place on a stage, in a studio, or at a gym. Yet children move everywhere they go. Turn on music and children flock to it, dance parties erupt with little care in the world. How can we as adults embrace this movement, and turn it into fun play opportunities for children?


3 tips to Inspiring Movement Outdoors.

Find Space:

Remember that feeling of seeing a huge open field as a child? Of just wanting to run, and cartwheel. Find an open space, a big path, or a sport field and embrace how the space inspires your children to move!

Add Moving Materials:

Loose fabric, ribbons, and scarves often dance in the wind and can be inspiring to play with. Adding these types of materials when your in a large space will encourage children to explore how they can make them move with their bodies. You can also add these materials to a family walk or hike to make things more interesting.

Embrace Sound:

Music makes children move! Even as infants, children are motivated to move when they hear music. Bring a portable speaker to a nearby field and run, jump, dance and see how the music moves you! or take it up a notch and make your own music. Using sticks, buckets and other materials can you bang some home made drums and encourage your children to move!

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