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What Is Creative Seeds?

Creative Seeds was born out of a desire to showcase to parents and the community the power of mixing art, nature, and play. The outdoor play revolution is here, everyone is preaching... take your children outside! We know outdoor play boosts confidence, creativity, it promotes physical activity, and is overall amazing for the physical and mental health of children everywhere. The forest school movement has hit Canada strong and we are seeing communities embrace the concept of nature play.

Yet I couldn't help but notice there seemed to still be barriers for so many communities to embrace these ideas. In my work as an Early Childhood Educator I noticed outdoor play was growing but it needed more of a push. How could I present it in a way that supports families in being outdoors, but also show families you don't need to be a rock climber, or a hiker, or even outdoorsy at all to plant the seeds and sow the benefits of outdoor play.

I grew up heavily involved in the art community, my mom was an artist, I was a competitive dancer most of my teenage years. The arts are something I hold dear to my heart. I have always found great passion in creating and was often inspired to create by nature. When it came time to decide what I wanted for a career I knew I wanted to inspire people. I had been inspired by influential educators, and mentors in my life. Yet, I felt like I had to choose, would I follow my passion for nature or art? After pursuing adjacent careers for many years in both dance and early childhood education I decided there should be a platform to help children and families explore both of these concepts, and I was going to be the one to create it.

through this journey Creative Seeds was born. Out of my vision to create a community that supports a passion for the great outdoors, and the exploration of art, and playfulness. How do these concepts help us raise healthier generations? Let's find out together.

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